amazonelf78 (amazonelf78) wrote in animal_allies,

tumors in rabbit

ok here's the deal. my brother's rabbit has tumors now. she's had them at least a couple months now. she's ok, but one of them is getting really big now, and the skin around it is starting to stretch. i know if it keeps getting bigger, it'll probably rupture. but- my mom doesn't want to pay to fix hr since it's not her money. i'm broke (like really broke! no job and basically an allowance for getting around, stuff like that), and my bro's saving up for a car aince his keeps breaking down. i think he needs to take care of his rabbit and just wait a little longer on the car. i'm not even going to get into what he blows his other money on. we both still live with our mom (he's older) and don't pay bills or rent really (he pays car insurance sometimes and for cable but that's it), so there's no excuse imo to not take care of the rabbit. but no one wants to listen to me. when my rattie had her tumors 3 years ago, i saved part of my stipends to take care of her. so ummm since no is willing to take her to the vet to get operated on and i don't have the money to, can you holistically heal a rabbit? has anyone tried that? i just really need some ideas to help her. my brother i'm sure does like his animals but he can be a little neglectful. i mean he makes sure they get fed and watered but it took until this year to take our dog to the vet for vaccinations and she's 6 now
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